We want to mention Tricia as inspiration for getting this guest blog collaboration together as she was a friend of ours as well as so many others in the Colorado MTB community.  Through sharing about Tricia’s loss with friends in the biking community I found out this is happening to far too many loved ones in our bike community around the world.  We began to wonder what we could do as part of the bike community to help others struggling and bring awareness to the struggle with proactive ways to better understand, help those impacted by mental illness, and hopefully play a part in suicide prevention. 



This brings us to Renee Hutchens and April Paige who are courageous ladyshredders based in Colorado who are both passionate about riding bikes and share a mission to build a community of support for individuals in the bike community who battle with mental health and suicide.  Each share their personal journey of courage and how suicide has impacted their lives from different perspectives.  These two stories bring this mission to life, and combined together tell one powerful story of purpose, to break the stigma of mental health and suicide, tear away the isolation one feels, and build a community together with open communication, compassion, love and understanding.


Click here to read "Inside the path of suicide, a battle not meant to be fought alone"