Near the end of March 2016, Christian broke her back in three places after falling over 100 feet off the side of a mountain while mountain biking in New Zealand.  She faced death as she tomahawked down the never ending sheer drop off, but a miracle happened that day as she felt God’s power in all things and she was laid down gently on the mountain side, knowing she had purpose in still being alive.  

Scrambling back up the mountain and biking 5 kilometers with a broken back, she was finally able to get to hut where she was heli-evacuated to the ER.  In addition to breaking her back, Christian also sustained a spinal cord injury which fortunately did not leave her paralyzed.  Following the fall she sustained severe adrenal fatigue, nervous system trauma, as well as several months of rehabilitation to get back on the bike.  Six months after breaking her back she took on a Holding Hope mountain bike ride through the European Alps.  Christian rode to support her best friend's mom as well as those impacted by cancer, and to raise funds for a retreat center.  Her best friend is not in her life right now, which has been the toughest part of this journey.  

While the climb can be hard, no mountain is to big that you can't summit, and the view from the top are always worth it; especially on two wheels!  Through her own hardship, Christian hopes to encourage and inspire people to live life to the fullest!  Encouraging people to Leap2Fly in life by using the bicycle as a tool to impact peoples lives on and off the trail is part of her purpose in still being alive.  She hopes to help people connect with others, the beautiful outdoors, and embrace the inner goof and childlike wonder we never were meant to lose.